Andrew Clum

Planning Analyst

Andrew Clum is a recent graduate of the University of Miami and began consulting with the team in 2019 as an intern. It was a perfect match, and Andrew joined full-time upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Andrew takes his skills in architecture and urban planning and uses them to provide a unique approach to analysis of cities. As an analyst, Andrew works alongside Josh and Will crunching numbers, making maps and designing graphics. He also works with Joe and the team on presentation narratives. Andrew’s interest in GIS from a design background is a value-add for any project as he always considers not just what a municipality is, but also what it could be.

Hailing from Palm Beach County, he has also worked and studied in Miami, New Orleans, New Jersey and Rome. By living in these varied locales, he has developed a sensibility about what makes places work. Andrew is eager to make change in the worlds of urban planning, development and architecture. In his honors thesis project, he wrote a book analyzing the history of design and development in Miami, an “unauthorized sequel” to Rem Koolhaas’ Delirious New York, titled Delirious Miami. Andrew has lectured on the book in Miami, Tokyo, and the greater New York area. Before joining the Urban3 team, Andrew was a design intern at the firms of Gensler, Waggonner and Ball, and DPZ, and has independently contracted on various charrettes and design workshops for projects internationally.