Auckland, New Zealand

Eden Terrace is a rapidly evolving neighborhood only 2 km from the City Centre. Unfortunately the neighborhood is highly disconnected due to highway planning decisions
made in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The convergence of key public transportation routes, including heavy rail and several proposed light rail lines, make it an ideal location for a transit station. The current configuration and grade separation at the highway interchange make it inaccessible
for pedestrians. The City Centre proximity, transit access, and walkable urban structure would make it an ideal location for a dense, high quality, urban neighborhood. The buildout scenario would increase the number of
residents and jobs ten-fold over the next 20

Urban3 analyzed the current value per acre trends in the study area and across Auckland to forecast new tax production over the next 20 years. Urban design, public realm and transit improvements can increase land value and spur development. As land values rise denser
development becomes commercially viable. Denser development provides a significant uplift in tax production.