Brevard, NC

Brevard, NC is an idyllic mountain town in Transylvania County nestled between Pisgah National Forest and other North Carolina State Parks. Along with tourism, Brevard has experienced an influx of new employers and new development over the last decade. Planning for new development is crucial for Brevard to not only keep the small-town culture that has made it a great place to visit and live, but to also ensure a strong fiscal future.

Urban3’s latest project in a line of analyses conducted for Brevard since 2014 focuses on the financial impact of land use patterns and stormwater mitigation. This analysis satisfies the financial and environmental components of Brevard’s 2016 Comprehensive Planning Process managed and performed by Metrocology, Inc. As land is developed, more open space is converted to impervious surface and subsequently more stormwater runoff is produced. Urban3 analyzed impervious surface coverage, soil types, slope and drainage to assess the stormwater drainage patterns across Brevard. Thereafter, tax revenue and cost of physical infrastructure have been analyzed to assess the financial implications of land use and stormwater runoff.

In short, this “Geoaccounting” analysis will enable Brevard to measure where the most feasible locations to incentivize new development, i.e. asphalt and impervious surfaces, and what locations should be reserved for open space to absorb stormwater runoff.


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Demetri Baches

Principal, Metrocology, Inc. 

Summer 2016