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Joe has one of the most compelling presentations I’ve seen on return on investment (ROI). He will uncover the imperfections of property tax valuation and force you to rethink how you view land development patterns.
— Mitchell Silver, Former President of the American Planning Association (APA) and current New York City Parks Commissioner
Asheville’s efforts to develop its downtown has become a model for cities like Fresno, California; Chattanooga, Tennesse; and Mountain View, California, all of whom have also begun to apply Minicozzi’s lessons to their own downtowns.
— Darren Dahl, Forbes
Urban3’s “new math” is a must for downtown stakeholders, developers and most of all city and county officials.
— Kim H. White, President, River City Company
Joe’s innovative ideas on how to fund and support local downtown business development has been quite inspirational to our local developers. As part of our Smart Valley Places grant, we have task to update our Downtown Zoning Regulations. Because of his talk, the Downtown is now interested in finding ways to help businesses with the financing of mixed-use projects and is paying much more attention to how we support start-up businesses after they open their doors Downtown.
— Debbie Whitmore, Planning Director, City of Turlock, California

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