Where does your community’s money come from?

We create visualizations using local data to reveal the fiscal health of your community. We think of it as your place’s Economic MRI® . The visuals not only uncover what types of development create the most community wealth, they also create a clear and data-driven understanding of the economics of place for all citizens. Our 3D images are a new way of seeing the world in which fiscal efficiency is immediately apparent. 

Because of the scale of the analysis, your community can see the economic impact of varying types of development within the same market. You can use these 3D images of your community’s own data to make public policy adjustments, with the goal of creating long term financial resiliency.

  • Understand the most economically potent areas of your community

  • Equity in data: Eliminate complicated jargon to include your citizens in a data-driven approach to growth

  • Provide stakeholders with a simple, easy-to-understand visualization of all community revenue sources

  • Prioritize capital improvements and inform community design decisions