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CNU27.Lousville : The Urbanist's Call to Unlearn and Reset - Labels, Bias, and Human Psychology.

One of our many sessions for the Congress of New Urbanism’s annual conference in Louisville, Kentucky!

Speakers: Veronica Eastell & Joshua McCarty

New urbanists advocate for humanism, yet we too often forget the human dynamics in our planning and design processes. As professionals, we fall into echo chambers and blame those for whom we are designing for not understanding: framing residents as NIMBYs, seeing demographic data instead of communities, or stereotyping our fellow urban practitioners. Mental shortcuts like these undermine our best intentions. Without continually checking our biases and seeking to understand each other, can we truly build places for authentic human connection, wellbeing, and community? In this member-led conversation, two urbanists with differing backgrounds highlight the role of vulnerability in community engagement and the need to unlearn habits that hinder our ability to fully serve the society for which we design. Let’s lift the rose colored glasses together; share and learn the simple basis of storytelling techniques and narrative psychology to connect our same designs in a different way, to achieve truly human design.

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