Gwinnett, GA

Gwinnett County is included in the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area. With more than 800,000 citizens the County cannot accurately be described as a bedroom community for nearly as many people drive in as drive out for work. The County is comprised of numerous cities and towns with no clearly dominant focal point. Development has clustered along the transportation corridors in a weak orbit around the regional core.

The many small municipalities that comprise Gwinnett County are rural communities that were inundated by regional growth. With this growth came tremendous prosperity but most of these communities did not develop their cores to compliment the lower-density patterns. Gwinnett County has all of the building blocks of a thriving urban center, and yet many less populated communities generate greater returns on development by investing in a compact and dense format.

The historic downtown cores of Gwinnett County’s small towns are the highest priority for growing wealth. Gwinnett recognizes this, as most of these areas are developing “Improvement Districts” to catch up to growth that the market is demanding, and in some cases, build downtowns from scratch. By rehabilitating historic structures and focusing new growth towards infill within downtown areas, Gwinnett County can achieve the missing “peaks” of highly efficient tax production.


Other Projects

Kellie Brownlow

Director of Economic Development, Partnership Gwinnett
December, 2013