Huntington, WV

Urban3 partnered with planning and GIS staff in the City of Huntington to analyze the fiscal implications of its development pattern. Instead of a typical consulting scenario in which the technical work is done externally, Urban3 acted as a mentor and advisor in order to transfer both our technical expertise and unique outlook on the relationship between policy, development, and economics. We advised staff throughout the entire analysis process from data processing to analysis to producing graphics to our approach to story-telling. This substantially greater interaction provided us with the opportunity to fine-tune the potential applications of the analysis to future decision making.

The goal of a Skills Transfer project is to provide the community with lasting resources to apply the lessons of the analysis and maintain the underlying data. A beneficial by-product of this approach is familiarizing planners with the inner-workings of their local financial system and their local tax assessment data. Whether it is undertaken by Urban3 as an outside consultant or in a more coordinated Skills Transfer approach, the tax analysis project often serves as a focal point for organizing and streamlining disparate data sources. As it forms the backbone of local finances, so too does parcel data form the backbone of GeoDesign at the local level.


Other Projects

Breanna Shell

Planner, City of Huntington
November 2015