Kate Raybon

Planning Analyst

Kate Raybon is Urban3's triple threat. She is a recent graduate of Macalester College and joined our team in 2018, initially as an intern - but she was too good to let go! Kate now thrives in applying her systematic problem solving approach to the ins and outs of our collaborative team structures. Kate works alongside Josh and Will crunching numbers, making maps, and designing graphics. She also works with Joe and the team on both presentation narratives and show building. Kate works with Cate, Veronica, and Claire on project management and business development projects. As she continues to learn the ropes of the industry, Kate consistently adds value to clients’ projects with her creative investigative skills. Her wit and keen eye for detail keep us all in check.

Originally from Asheville, she has also lived and studied in St. Paul, Minnesota and Cochabamba, Bolivia. In Cochabamba, Kate created a story map using interviews from members of a grassroots organization that promotes planting and protecting trees in cities. She learned that creative, on the ground actions are an excellent way to make change. Kate is eager to make change in the worlds of urban planning, data visualization and sustainability. Her senior thesis project examined the economic impacts and histories of the three Braves stadiums in the Atlanta Metro area  She concluded that the concept of one silver bullet project changing an area for the better (that cities are frequently enamored with) is false! She learned that small incremental changes throughout the redevelopment process are more successful. Before joining the Urban3 team, Kate was a GIS intern for the City of Asheville Public Works Department, where she created an interactive web map application for property owners and a story map to be used in educational settings.