Joe Minicozzi will challenge your perception of market forces and how they affect urban environments. 

Joe is highly sought-after speaker worldwide. His presentations include a deep dive into city economics, downtown development, and urban design. Every presentation is customized to the local context and audiences. Over the course of a lecture,  Joe recounts his experience working with government, real estate developers, and urban designers across the world to reveal the economic dynamics shaping place. His compelling and often humorous stories challenge conventional thinking and entrenched biases about development, in a digestible manner. His experiences and thoughtful commentary cause audiences rethink their role in community design.

Joe’s presentation allowed me to see my community in a different light. By looking at data in a new way, we have an opportunity to step back from the biases that guide our decision-making and try to bring the surface exactly what is driving our policy decisions.
— Mayor Robb Davis; Davis, California

Land use economics is an effective tool to understand ways a community can proactively manage growth. It is also a fiscally smart way to use land more wisely. However, few communities consider the important role that the value of land plays in land use planning, zoning, placemaking and capital improvement planning. The goal for Urban3's lectures is to change the way people think about the cost of development, sprawl and the value of land. 

The general learning objectives for Urban3's lectures include:

    • Developing an understanding about how land use and zoning effects a city's economic productivity and vitality

    • Discovering the ways land use and zoning policies are connected to built environments, and implications of those connections

    • Understanding the role of tax policy in shaping the built environment

    • Gaining new perspective on urban development patterns, and how tax and fiscal policy can fuel market demand for sprawl.


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