Matthews, NC

The Town of Matthews has made some valuable decisions for its downtown development, walkability and smart growth. In 2001 the local government got a new home in a well-planned, mixed-use development within walking distance of the historic center. Urban3’s report points out additional ways for Matthews to promote density and walkable streets and ensure continued and increased prosperity, including a new parking structure positioned to increase connectivity between the Matthews Street Station and the downtown core.

Matthews has developed successful townhouse types that are efficient with land use and productive with tax revenue. The report makes recommendations for a balanced housing plan of single- and multi-family development designed in the framework of new urbanism, to be pedestrian-centric and provide a mix of uses and shared green spaces, while exuding a feeling of community.

The report also addresses the coming LYNX light rail line and the transit-oriented development (TOD) opportunities that lie ahead. Preparing now for future transit with TOD appropriate development patterns will help Matthews capitalize on future infrastructure investment.


Other Projects

Jamie Justice

Assistant Town Manager- The Town of Matthews
September 2013