Miriam Truppin-Brown


Miriam Truppin-Brown is a third year M.Arch student at Rice University in Houston, TX. Originally from Boston, she has lived and studied in St. Louis, Cambridge MA, Oxford, Florence, and Japan.

Miriam is passionate about urban design and the potential for urban space to influence cultural cohesion and social justice. During her time in Japan she became interested in the relationship between density and culture, as seen in the apparent paradox of Japan's high density and low crime rate, or the respect for shared space demonstrated in Japanese society. Her work often explores ways in which public space can be used as a tool to improve social cohesion and ameliorate the individualism and isolation that defines the American city today.

Miriam is currently working on her master's thesis, exploring ways in which urban design can be used to remove the male-centric bias inherent in cities, and make them safer and more empowering for women.