Mountain View, CA

The Local Government Commission, a California non-profit, commissioned Urban3 as a part of its ‘Community Design’ initiative. Urban3 was hired to analyze the economic impacts of development patterns in seven California cities.

Property values in Mountain View were extremely impressive, especially in the downtown and around transit infrastructure. Urban3 isolated Transit Oriented Development areas (.25 mile radius around three Caltrain stations), and commercial-strip development adjacent to automobile infrastructure. Property values in TOD areas, and subsequently revenues, were many times higher than in typical automobile oriented development. Further, development scenarios were created to estimate revenue increases in several city districts. Using a celebrated infill TOD project as a benchmark, revenues skyrocketed in every study area. Highlighting Urban3’s work in the San Joaquin Valley is a report published by the LGC and the California Infill Builders Association.


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Linda Cloud

Managing Director- Local Government Commision
May 2013