Nashville - Davidson County, TN

Nashville Metro Planning commissioned Urban3 to perform countywide revenue analysis as a part of the NashvilleNext comprehensive plan process. This study provided a unique opportunity to analyze both a large metropolitan area and development on a neighborhood scale. In this study, Urban3 measured both property tax and retail tax productivity of land-use development patterns across Davidson County.

As a joint county-city government, Davidson County-Nashville has developed with a dualistic approach to planning -- addressing local needs while understanding the broader context. Urban3 found that while fringe commercial areas did produce significant retail taxes, Downtown Nashville generated more than 18% of retail taxes for Davidson County on less than 1% of its land area. Aside from retail tax production, infill redevelopment along infrastructure corridors was of particular focus. Urban3 found massively efficient value density in pockets of infill redevelopment.


Other Projects

Rick Bernhardt

Executive Director, Metro Planning

Summer 2013