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Urban3’s work was an eye-opener. Anyone interested in encouraging economic growth should build on a foundation of understanding the tax implications of differing choices. Urban3 provides that critical foundation.
— Rick Bernhardt, Executive Director, Nashville Metro Planning

Urban3's work has changed the way leaders and stakeholders view development in their communities. We are a leader in data visualization and property tax analysis.


We are a private consulting firm specializing in land value economics, property and retail tax analysis and community design. We seek to empower our clients with the ability to promote development patterns that secure a community's fiscal condition while reinforcing a stronger sense of place.

Our company name acknowledges that cities and towns are a "cubed" or 3-dimensional representation of space. This space, created by the built environment, is the basis of urban design. We strive to provide a deeper understanding of this environment by measuring data, visualizing results; and digging deeper into policies' effect on the built environment. Our work is rooted in econometric modeling of taxation and its shaping of our space, a tradition in urban design that can be traced to Giambattista Nolli's map of Rome from 1741.

Our parent company, Public Interest Projects, Inc. (PIP) – a for-profit real estate development company – has over twenty years of operating experience in Asheville, NC. The company has been responsible for the renovation of numerous properties, along with providing financial and management support for more than 18 downtown businesses. Their work has been recognized locally, regionally and internationally. Urban3 was created by PIP as an independent consulting firm with a mission to bring a data-driven approach to the practice of building community.

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