Return on Investment Analysis

  • Gain a true understanding of the fiscal functionality of your city
  • Understand and catalogue the mechanisms funding local services, paying for infrastructure, and capital projects
  • Consult 2D and 3D data visualizations to inform community investment policies 
  • Use data to support corrections in taxation policies so that taxpayer subsidies are reduced or eliminated
  • Help manage the allocation of human and budgetary resources within your local government

The financial health of the community has a direct relationship to the proportion of the taxable returns on those public investments. The purpose of the ROI tool is to be able to identify high return investments on a consistent and continuous basis, enabling better future capital improvement decisions. By developing an analytic tool to gauge this ratio, your community will be at the forefront of urban-economic understanding in the country.  Developing this powerful tool will allow your community to increase its regional financial understanding and adjust forward looking policy frameworks accordingly.