Santa Rosa, CA

ArchiLogix, an architectural design firm operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, commissioned Urban3 to conduct an economic analysis of Santa Rosa, California. The focus of this project was analyzing the impact of Santa Rosa’s Downtown vis-a-vis other historical downtowns across Sonoma County. As one of the Country’s leading wine producers, Sonoma County has looked to this industry and subsequent tourism to anchor its economy. This is reflected in development patterns across the urban landscape. Urban3 measured property value difference in agricultural areas, and utilized building value per square foot metrics to catalog market differences in downtown areas.

A dynamic web tool was created using ESRI's Storymap tool to display Santa Rosa's analytics in a easily shareable format. See the tool by clicking here or clicking above.


Other Projects:

Mitch Conner

Principal,  ArchiLOGIX

Summer 2016