Scenario Planning: Future Development Analysis

Both cities and developers want to understand the potential value of new development. Through our analysis, clients can quantify and visualize the impact of various development scenarios proposed by urban designers or architects, or through market analyses. We also enable our municipal clients to make informed infrastructure investments: how will new transit, improved streets or bicycle and pedestrian facilities create more tax revenue? For developers, having hard data on the added tax value of a new real estate project can be invaluable during negotiations with cities and counties, and help assuage local concerns during public input sessions. We utilize ESRI software and Urban Footprint for our scenario projection analyses.

  • Visualize and simplify all available pro forma and municipal budget documents

  • Fundamentally understand the future revenue impacts of proposed new development projects at the parcel level, by use type

  • Visualize Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district analysis projections

  • Identify the net municipal revenue impact of private development resulting from adjacent public infrastructure investment