Veronica Eastell

Director of Strategy & Touring

Veronica Eastell is the swiss-army knife of Urban3. She executes strategic business and advocacy development initiatives. She specializes in the strategy and logistics, systems change, and collaborative partnerships for the advancement of better urbanism. She manages all aspects of the touring schedule and advocacy work involved in dispatching Joe around the world. She ensures we hit the right pressure points at the right time. 

Prior to Urban3, Veronica consulted on projects using her toolkit to help create a holistic urban development system. This tool kit includes a diverse skill-set ranging from fine arts and sociology to economics and construction management to understand a community’s unique tensions, assets, and connection to cases from across the globe.

She regards human behavior as the utmost valuable tool for disrupting and mitigating the detrimental legacies of past eras in urban development. She leads with curiosity and never shies away from discomfort. As a self-confessed urban-nerd and pragmatic idealist, she takes pride in being an apolitical communicator and a bridge builder who helps uncovers common grounds between communities, their planners and their decision makers.

With empathy and inquisitive conversation, Veronica works with you towards a solution specific to your community’s needs and visions. 

Reach out to her today to start the discuss bringing Joe to your community :
828-255-7951 x 207

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