Veronica Eastell

Strategy, Design & Development Planner / Analyst

Veronica Eastell is our Director of Strategy, Design & Development, as well as an Urban Planning Analyst. Yes, it may be a mouthful of a title but it accurately reflects her adaptive role as the Carmen Sandiego of our company. Using her design-thinking expertise, Veronica’s strategic mind crosses through many levels of our firm inside and out. Whether in project management, business development or communications roles internally, she pushes us to reach new realms of Urban3 potential. Externally, she thrives when working in strategy for economic development, real estate, and financial policy.

Veronica focuses on using Urban3’s work to connect silhoed industries when representing us outside the office. When she returns to the office Veronica weaves strong narratives that power Urban3’s storytelling, which in turn helps cities improve on-the-ground practices in urban planning. Her approach highlights the long-term health of both our company and our client projects. With a fervor for authentic innovation, she cuts straight through the smoke of buzzwords and impractical plans with laser vision.

Ask Veronica to relay how she came to the urban planning world, and you’ll hear a fascinating introduction emerge as an almost instant infatuation. In her pursuit for a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the sprightly age of 17, she wound up undertaking a passionate photographic interrogation documenting the neighbourhood development patterns across her entire nation of New Zealand. This entry into the field exemplifies the incessantly curios and zealous approach that she brings to the table still, ten years later. We are proud to have her on our team - with further tertiary education and industry experience under her belt, she is already mixing things up.

Prior to joining Urban3, Veronica traveled extensively in her pursuit of urban development knowledge. She now recounts stories of experiences like training with Project for Public Spaces in NYC, making her dream-come-true visit and volunteer work in Detroit, pursuing multi-modal transport in Portland, tracing TOD in Vancouver, and now adaptive reuse and revitalization in Asheville - she is an uber-urban-nerd. Additional to her Photography Major, Veronica also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human & Economic Geography and Sociology, with postgraduate accomplishments in spatial planning, urban design and construction project management.