Will Creasy

Analyst & Creative Director

Will Creasy is a geospatial analyst, cartographer, and designer for Urban3. Drawing from diverse practical experience in many of the fields that intersect with city planning, Will's work utilizes GIS and data visualization to analyze municipal economic trends and make them understandable for all. His analytical work concentrates on real estate value forecasting, Tax Production change over time analysis, and municipal tax analysis from a variety of sources. Will utilizes a multitude of software applications ranging from geostatistical (ArcGIS, Mapbox Studio, JMP) to graphical (Blender, Adobe Suite, After Effects) to three dimensional  and laser cutting (Cura, LightTable, CAD) to succinctly visualize data and information.

Prior to joining Urban3, Will worked as a spatial analyst for Norfolk Southern Railways where his work focused on efficient transportation network mapping and analysis. He also worked for the City of Radford preparing an ecological analysis of tree canopy coverage with a particular emphasis on forest cores, which are of significant importance to maintaining biodiversity.

Will also has project experience with the City of Roanoke, American Electric Power and Roanoke Memorial Microbiology Lab, working on projects such as the Radford Green Infrastructure Analysis, Norfolk Southern Testing and Research Map Display, Phoenix Urban Heat Island Analysis, and the Radford Architecture Department.

Will’s volunteer work includes projects for the Tiny House LiDAR project and the Humanitarian Open Tasking Malaria Project.